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​Icon Bronze LLC Custom bronze statues and monument commissions
Icon Bronze LLC Bronze Military Statues Custom Religious Animal And People Statue Commissions

Icon Bronze LLC Bronze Military Statues Custom Religious Animal And People Statue Commissions Call For Your Free Custom Bronze Statue Quote and Consultation Today

Custom Bronze sculptures by Icon Bronze Your Bronze Statue Headquarters for Bronze Casting. 

Icon Bronze will create a custom bronze monuments for your organization that will meet and exceed your expectations. Custom Orders are always welcome please call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, Statues and Monuments Contact Icon Bronze at 1(801) 649-5823 or Toll Free (877) 404-ICON  or send us an Email  and we will promptly provide you with a quote. Icon Bronze LLC Bronze Military Statues Custom Religious Animal And People Statue Commissions Call For Your Free Custom Bronze Statue Quote and Consultation Today

At Icon Bronze we only create beautiful bronze sculptures from tabletop size to heroic monuments. We are the leader in custom commission bronze statue work. We do it all from the beginning sketches to casting to the installation of your monument statue. When you commission your statue with Icon Bronze we only have the finest craftsmen in the business. Possibilities are endless and could include indoor or outdoor bronze sculptures, bronze fountains, portrait busts of loved ones and company founders. We can create bronze sculptures for offices entryways and common areas. We are well known for custom bronze statuary for many churches and other religious buildings. We can custom create a logo for your company or organization. 

A Custom bronze sculpture, portrait bust or fountain can convey a sense of permanence and solidity for your company.

Bronze sculptures last through the generations, telling the stories of their subjects through the ages. A bronze sculpture honoring your ancestors can continue to tell their story for centuries. A bronze sculpture portrait of your company's founder or of a  historical figure of significance to your company makes a great and lasting impression on customers and visitors to your business.  A bronze sculpture bust or full figure bronze statue can act as a great advertisement for your company.   Bronze sculptures serve as landmarks by which people remember and find businesses.  A bronze statue can also convey the image, message, or mission statement of your business.

With Icon Bronze you will be working directly with the sculptor and foundry, leaving the guess work out of creating your custom bronze statue. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality of your monument and our customer service.  All of our bronze sculptures are custom made to order. All of our bronze statues are sculpted, molded and cast in house at the foundry. Buy your custom bronze statues from Icon Bronze today.

Obviously you are looking for the finest quality fine art bronze and you are at the right place. 

If you are looking to commission a custom work of Bronze art  you have come to the sculptor web site.  Like our tag line says, “If you imagine it, we will create it and you will love it” So use your imagination or use ours and together we can create your custom statue that will inspire, remind future generations what great sculpture is all about. So please don't hesitate and give us a try for your beautiful statue ideas today. Get a fast free quote from Icon Bronze today and you could be enjoying your new custom monument in just a few months. Our custom statues are created to suit your specifications and placement requirements. Click here to get your free fast quote.

Contact Icon Bronze to commission a custom bronze statue and turn your idea into a real bronze statue. At Icon your statues are created and cast from the finest American materials available. All of our work and bronze casting is done right here in America. Our fine art bronze foundry will stop at nothing to see your sculpture project through to perfection.

All bronze castings at Icon Bronze are cast using Everdure Silicon Bronze.

The composition of Everdur bronze is 95% copper and 4% silicon and 1% manganese.  This type of bronze produces a much higher quality, more durable and longer lasting statue or monument than cheap imported bronze. Imported bronze will have a little as 50% to 55% copper content. Because of the high quality bronze used in the creation of statues and monuments at Icon, you can rest assured that they will last for many generations. Our custom sculpted statues stand out above the rest because it is hand sculpted, molded and cast.

Impress the world with your statement of a custom bronze statue in your office building, school lobby, hospital os sports venue. The quality of the bronze statue that you chose with us will make a lasting statement to your commitment the finer things in life.

Call us or Email us today for your fast free quote on your bronze statue project.

 For your free consultation or more information regarding the bronze statues that you are considering please call Bob or email at 1(801)649.5823 or toll free 877-404-4266 Today!

Gallery of various bronze statues to give you an idea of our capabilities. Custom statues from trees and animals to jet planes and construction worker bronze statues.

Portrait bronze bust gallery featuring historic and well known people. Custom bronze bust statues sculpted in half life size up to three times life size and beyond bust statues

Historic figure bronze statues and monuments. Ancient warrior and other people custom bronze statues. Prominent public figure bronze monuments and statue gallery

Custom bronze wildlife statues and custom bronze animal mascot statues for schools, sport teams and universities. Heroic custom mascot monument bronze statues.


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bronze statues

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Patriotic American bronze statues and monuments and memorials. Specializing in statues form the Revolutionary War to present day Patriotic bronze monument statues.

Bronze Religious and Christian statues of Jesus Christ and other Biblical figures. Custom bronze Saints and Holy Mother Virgin Mary Statues. Custom statues for your Church

Bronze Pioneer and historical bronze monuments and custom  statues. We have Native American Indian statues. Handcart Pioneer bronze statues, monument memorials


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bronze statues


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Bronze Military Soldier Statues for all branches of the Military. We have the Fallen Soldier Battle Cross statues available for any war era From WWII to modern day the Battle Cross


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