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michael collins

bronze statue

This is a life size bronze bust of Herb. Icon Bronze, LLC would love to provide you or your company with a quote for your bronze bust needs. Please go to our contact us page and let us know your special needs. You can upload pictures if needed and we will get your quote right out usually within a few hours. If you need an immediate quote give us a call at 801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-ICON

This custom bronze statue is of the father of Morrison County Minnesota, Nathan Richardson (2/24/1828 - 1/9/1908) This custom Commissioned bronze bust is two times life size and in cast bronze. The bronze bust monument was commemorated on June 2nd 2006. If your city, county or state is looking to honor a past or present community leader give us a call we would love to help in any way that we can.

Thomas Dolsky 

bronze bust

carl vinson

bronze bust

Custom Commission Portrait Bronze Bust Statues

This is a half life size bronze bust of Thomas Dolsky. Half life size bust statues are right close to 12" tall while life size bust statues are closer to two feet tall. We can create bust statues in any size from 1/2 life to life and even 3 times life size. whatever your needs we can create a statue for in any size. If you are looking for a full body likeness statue we would be honored to give you a quote. With us you won't be sorry.

nathan richardson

Bronze bust

Bronze Bust Statues of Well Known People From Different eras. Custom Portrait Bust statues are our Specialty Call For Pricing Today!
Call us now for a fast quote on your custom bronze statue project toll free 877-404-ICON (4266) or 801-649-5823 or send us an email.

Bronze Portrait Bust Statues & Famous People Statues Gallery

We specialize in bronze portrait sculptures 

We specialize in bronze portrait sculptures so whatever your needs we can deliver.  If you are in need of any type of bronze statue, plaques, monuments or even fountains we are hear for you. If you want to tell a story for generations then you may want to consider a permanent bronze statue or monument. The statues will virtually last for ever and you can tell your story by bringing history to life for generations to enjoy. 

Our mission it to help you create and design a custom made patriotic bronze statue. Icon Bronze is where your dreams become reality. Together Let our sculptors help create the bronze monument you have envisioned.  At Icon you will be working directly with the artist from beginning to the final touches. Let Icon Bronze, LLC  and their team of expert artisans help you create a lasting legacy monument. Icon Bronze is also an American owned and operated company and all of our statue are created in the United States of America. All custom bronze sculptures and bronze monuments created by Icon Bronze and that are shown on this website are sculpted and cast in the USA of the finest quality everdur bronze available.

Call us for your custom commission statue needs

Call us today for your commission statue needs and consider a custom portrait bust sculpture in bronze. Icon Bronze’s sculptor Stan Watts is well known for the American themed and Patriotic bronze sculptures which he creates. Stan’s Custom bronze statues are sculpted in the style of classical realism and cast in bronze using the time honored lost wax bronze casting method. The sculptor's bronze statues can be seen in many wonderful locations across the United States, as well as abroad. Please give us a call for a fast free quote 801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-ICON (4266) or send an email to, we are happy to help. At Icon Bronze we specialize in bronze sculptures commissioned for large spaces that will fill the area with your statement.  Custom bronze sculptures and busts are permanent and made to honor those that we admire. A great way to honor people is with a bronze portrait busts and full figure bronze statues. A statue is a good way to show the world their ideals personalities and accomplishments.

Our custom bronze sculptures are specially made to order for you.

We are hear daily to assist you in creating the statue of your dreams. Our Custom bronze casting will work will impress the finest of tastes out there. We are here to help you with a portrait in bronze capturing the likeness and personality of the one you seek to honor.  To commission your custom bronze bust or portrait sculpture, contact Icon Bronze  801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-ICON (4266) we are standing by ready to assist you with your custom bronze statue today with our free consultation statue design service. With Icon Bronze, You will work directly with the artist and foundry. Why not Commission a custom bronze sculpture portrait bust today. Your new statue will last for generations to enjoy which makes it a pretty good investment. 

The foundry uses high quality Everdur silicon bronze

The composition of Everdur bronze is 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese. This type of bronze produces a much higher quality, more durable and longer lasting bronze sculpture than cheap imported bronze which may have as low as only 50% to 55% copper content. Your bronze casting from Icon Bronze will last virtually forever and be there for generations to enjoy because of the high quality of our bronze. Let Icon Bronze help you to create the custom bronze sculpture of your dreams. It all starts with a simple phone call or email and we can get the ball rolling toward your custom bronze statue commission. With Icon you can expect us to meet and exceed your high expectations. We are strong believers in using US materials, facilities and talent. All of our custom bronze sculptures and monuments are proudly made right here in the United States of America. We use the finest Everdur bronze materials and employ the finest qualified craftsmen around. The bronze artists Icon Bronze uses are well trained in the time honored lost wax bronze casting process.  With an expert eye, each foundry worker pays special attention to the most minute details when it comes to design, texture, form and finish of bronze sculptures.

With bronze sculpture the possibilities are endless

With bronze the sculpture possibilities are endless. we specialize in custom indoor and outdoor bronze sculptures. Anything from bronze fountains to portrait bust statues for niches are a possibility for you. Custom bronze sculptures for building and home entryways always make a lasting impression on visitors. You may even consider bronze gates or custom bronze doors and hardware for your home or business. Remember that with Icon Bronze, LLC everything is sculpted to your specifications and unique needs. Tell the story that you are trying to convey with a bronze statue or monument that will last virtually forever. If you erect a bronze statue then your statement is that of class, dignity, stability and quality for your company. If your intention is to convey a sense of permanence and solidity for your company then perhaps a bronze fountain sculpture for the courtyard or a portrait statue of someone is what you need. Remember that first impressions cannot be repeated so consider doing it right the first time with a bronze statue or monument from Icon Bronze. 

We sell bronze sculptures

Icon Bronze, LLC sells bronze sculptures of your custom wildlife animal statues. Contact Icon Bronze regarding your custom bronze sculpture quote for your school or sports team mascots. You can contact us by email at or by calling 801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-4266. Here we can sculpt custom bronze plaques for your school, business or team. Plaques can go with your custom commission bronze mascot or have as a stand alone wall plaque. Icon Bronze, LLC Makers of Patriotic Bronze Sculpture Monuments and custom Patriotic bronze sculptures from desktop size to monumental. Buy your bronze sculptures direct from the Icon Bronze where we accept commissions for your custom bronze statues. See our portfolio for more custom Patriotic bronze sculptures, custom Patriotic bronze statues, war memorials and  custom bronze monuments. Contact Bob Talbot at Icon Bronze for your consultation about your custom bronze sculpture project 801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-4266, Email welcome at bob @ or click here to Contact Us.

This custom commission was created to replace a bust that was stolen from Baylor University Campus. Using old photograph we created an almost exact replica of the original bronze statue. This bust statue is of Samuel Brooks who served as president of the University from 1902 through 1931. Custom sculpture by Stan Watts who's talents and abilities are seeming to be endless. Call for your Quote!

herb portrait 

bronze bust

samuel brooks

bronze bust

john hovenden

bronze bust

mr. sousa

bronze bust

This custom marble bust was created by Silvios son. He wanted his father depicted as Cesar the Great and in life size. Not only can we make bronze bust statues we can cast them in cultured marble as well. If you order a marble bust keep in mind that we can use the same mold to cast you a bronze copy as well. Let us know your needs and we will do everything in our power to assist you today.

Custom Bronze portrait bust of Anthony J. "Tony" Rane. With Icon Bronze you will find that our bronze bust sculpture and and castings stand out above the rest. We pay meticulous attention to every minute detail of your sculpture. We cast only in the finest US bronze available to insure that you get the best bronze statue that your money can buy. Call or email us today for your fast quote. 

Custom Bronze commission bust statue of General Lee Yeng. Hand sculpted and cast by Stan Watts, you can see that this and the other bronze bust statues on this page can give you an idea of what Icon Bronze can do for you. If you Click Here and send us some pictures and specifications of what you are looking for, we will promptly get your quote right back to you without delay, Call today 801-649-5823 

Silvio as Cesar

bronze bust

General Lee yeng

bronze bust

Anthony Rane

bronze Bust

Bronze bust statue of Carl Vinson to be placed aboard the Aircraft Carrier the USS Carl Vinson. this custom bronze bust statue was commissioned by the ships museum where it is proudly displayed. Custom sculpture by Icon Bronze where we stop an nothing to get you exactly what you are looking for. We create many Military statues and monuments because we can satisfy the high demands that are required.

kate d. Smith

bronze statue

Coach murray

bronze bust

Portrait bust statue are our specialty. This is a custom bronze bust statue of Mr. Sousa commissioned for the Museum of Mederian Heritage in New Bedford, MA. We are often contacted to create museum quality bronze art bronze statues and portrait busts. The high quality of our work is second to none. We are committed to creating the highest quality custom bronze statues available anywhere.

This bronze bust we a special order because we made it to hold the remains of its likeness Mr. John Hovenden. If you have a loved one and would like a special bronze bust like this one with a special sealing bottom it could be used as an Urn to display in your home. Please let us know about your special needs and we can create a custom Urn statue for you and your family members.

Bronze life size bust of Coach Lewis V. Murray the famed High School Coach. This custom bronze two times life size bust is located in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Hand sculpted by master sculptor Stan Watts. If you are in need of a quote for the finest quality bronze bust and full figure statues, you are at the right place. Please feel free to contact us any time twenty four seven we are happy to take your call. 877-404-4266

Our bronze bust statue of Michael Collins (October 16th 1890 - August 22nd 1922) Irish freedom fighter Minister of finance, director of information and revolutionary leader Michael Collins fought in the 1916 Rising and forced Britain to the negotiation table. In 1922 he was killed in an ambush by Anti-Treaty Forces during the Irish Civil War, he was 31 years old. He was the President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood until his death in 1922.​

Bronze bust statue of Kate Cuncan Smith (1844 - 1934)  Founder of the American Revolution School located in the Gunter's Mountain Community. Kate Duncan Smith was a member of the American Daughters of the Revolution (DAR). This bust statue was commissioned by KDS alumni and friends and is located on the DAR school Campus. The statue was dedicated in 2007. Sculpted and cast by Stan Watts.